Lily Love Headcanons


With Harry being so busy as an auror there were months when his family wouldn’t have much quality time together. But he always ensured that he had a couple of weeks away from the job for each of his childrens birthdays.

On James’ 7th birthday they all attened the final of The Quidditch World Cup.

Ginny was busy making sure a young Lily Luna didn’t run off and Albus Severus

was clinging onto her, whilst Harry was running round their tent looking for his wand so he could entertain his young daughter with a colourful light display.

Neither parent had noticed that James has wandered out the tent and started trying to cast a spell on a slug he had found a few tents down.

“Ginny,” Harry called. “Is James with you?” having finally noticed his son was nowhere around.
“No, I haven’t seen him for the last 10 minutes”

It then dawned on him where his wand was. “That little git has run amuck with my wand again” Harry muttered to himself.

He wandered from the tent and put on his best I’m very angry with you face and walked up to his son.
“You are grounded for 2 weeks James Sirius Potter.”

Knowing there was no use fighting his father on it James gave his dad his wand back and walked behind his father back to their tent.
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